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New Sizing and Pricing Details

Henceforth images are offered online at the sizes shown wnen displayed in Galleries, or, for those not in galleries, at the recommended size.  Usually that is the largest size I can print the image.  Smaller sized prints are available; to order them you need to contact me.  Some images are also available in larger sizes.  If you are interested in purchasing a print in a size larger than that offered, contact me.

Prices include shipping to US addresses, but do not include sales tax.  For orders shipped to Virginia it is necessary to add 6% of the listed price to cover the local sales tax. 

Art Matters . . .
10/29/2017 do black lives and blue lies.  Anyway, I have been invited to show three of my works in conjunction with Artists in Middleburg's annual fund raiser on November 11, 2017.  Further information about the event, as well as ticket sales, can be found here:
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