The idea is to produce photograph-based images that are unique, meaning that every print is different from every other in a significant, readily distinguishable way. Each exemplar in each series is unique and different from the ones depicted here.  The irreproducible process followed, together with the protocol of destroying each digital image after printing, guarantees that the image you purchase is unique. Incidentally, the star field pictures are from my travels, mostly within our galaxy, but occasionally from  the Small Magellanic Cloud or NGC 244.

Images aside from the above involve use of a mask derived from an image of very high entropy but limited tonal content. These may be subjected to further stochastic manipulation. The details are technical, but the result is the same: one of a kind images.

Galerie Schiff One of a kind Archival pigment print
Crisp November evening on the Mainkai
Archival pigment print
30 x 45 cm

Maximum of 20 exemplars, each different in detail
One of a kind